Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Anton Weiss exhibit and demonstration

    Currently, the L. Ross Gallery here in Memphis is exhibiting recent works of the painter Anton Weiss.  Weiss, who at 75, has lived a life full of both rich experiences and tremendous hardship, is a brilliant but also gentle and unpretentious man whose painting style arises from his early experiences with the American abstract expressionist painters of the fifties, notably the great Hans Hofmann, with whom he was privileged to study.
    His demonstration at Dixon Gallery, in conjunction with the Ross Gallery exhibit, was as enjoyable as it was inspiring and informative, with the artist providing narrative insight into his emotional, procedural, and structural decisions as he brought the rough draft of a large, abstract canvas into existence as the enrapt audience watched.  I felt that I could have happily observed him for days on end without feeling either bored or that I had reached the limits of what one might possibly learn by watching.
    Weiss has a keen vision and a superb sense for the guiding of the eye's traversal over the canvas by use of sympathetic iteration of line, shape, and hue.  His exhibit at the L. Ross Gallery is on view throughout April.  Don't miss it!

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