Thursday, November 18, 2010

Many Hands

As this website nears completion, I would like to thank the many helpful friends who contributed in some way to its development.  Anna Rae Palmer has patiently, creatively, and beautifully designed the site.  Guy Hillyer  hosts, is full of answers when I am full of questions, and has been my friend for these many years.  Shady Grove Presbyterian Church, and Jarad Bingham, have provided me a safe haven so that I am free to pursue my muse.  Nikii Richey and Spencer King have contributed poster designs to my performances over the last several years, and some of their designs grace the Interview page.  Murray Riss superbly photographed the paintings that appear in the Paintings page.  I humbly thank Josh Oxford, Richard Faria, Lecolion Washington (L-Dog!), Kristin Wolfe Jensen, and others whose recordings of my music either appear or are soon to appear on this site.  Michelle Vigneau indulgently collaborated with me on the interview, as well as premiering several of my works.  Others have contributed to my artistic progress in ways they may consider small, but were nonetheless important to me.  So, I also thank Dottie Pounders, Sam Viviano, Charles Mosby, Myron Myers, John Baur, Davis McCain, Carina Washington, Henning Washington, Matteus Washington, John Elmquist, Earle Donelson, Eric Mandat, Rhendle Millen, Julie Millen, Lea Queener, Allen Rippe, Richard Wornat, Caroline Fruchtman, Susan F. Wood, Norma Miller, Maria DeBacco, Paul Becker, Joe Davis, Lynn Raymond, Sharon Momany, Cullen Holliman, Ben Lewis, John Ingle, John Sullivan, Philip Gayle, Susan Snyder, Rene Miska, Hayes Biggs, Bobby England, Mary Strnad, Jerry Strnad, Andrew Jackson, James Richens, and others I may have either inexcusably overlooked, or knowingly omitted out of respect for their modesty.  I also thank my father, William Hardy Gray, and my paternal grandmother, Laura Hardy Gray.  My children, Ian Gray, and Christina Benn Hanlen, provide untold inspiration.  And finally, I wish to thank my lovely, loving, and awesomely supportive wife, Shelley Gray, without whose patient encouragement I would undoubtedly accomplish less.

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